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5 years. Our philosophy is to grow nutritious and delicious food year round for the Grand Rapids area. We rely primarily on organic pest control methods.



year round through the use of greenhouses


we grow flowers as well as produce, that I may be interested in selling through the coop.


We rely primarily on organic pest control, we have used non-organic sprays in 3 instances since starting 5 years ago when we were facing crop loss in our greenhouse tomatoes. We have fully disclosed this to our customers at the farmers markets

We use both compost and water-soluble fertilizer

We use our well, and drip irrigation to minimize water use. We protect our water by leaving it alone, we declined an offer to purchase our mineral rights for drilling in the area

We maintain the trees around the growing areas, and have begun planting more for long term control. Our ground is roughly level so we do not experience erosion from our fields, but we have partnered with the Plaster Creek Stewards to plant two drainage ditches that run though our property with native plants.

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